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    Nov 25, 2013 Seth Rogen and James Franco have released their shot-for-shot remake of the And the whole thing. is magical. Like us on. Facebook!
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    Feb 18, 2014 Seth Rogen and James Franco made a hilarious. parody of Kanye West's steamy Bound 2 So she DOES have a. sense of humour! their hilarious shot-for-shot dry-humping parody. Bound 3 on Facebook a few days later 1 day ago No personal information such as names, Facebook pages, phone Ever since I can remember my dad has always asked me to put him out of 
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    Yes, yes we do, and enough people apparently. still watch the iconic cartoon that. “Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd. and Seth Rogen have been looking. Follow us on Facebook and get the latest before everyone else
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    1 day. ago "Yes, I'm aware this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana. " Seth Rogen testifies before a Senate. committee on Alzheimer's 
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    Jun 12, 2013 In this Mashable Q&A, actor Seth Rogen talks candidly about Amanda. his social media presence beyond Twitter to include Facebook and Instagram, It's really funny, I really do get a kick. out of the shit people say and the 
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    May 10, 2013. The end of the world does strange. things to a person. To promote his post- apocalyptic comedy This is the End receive, Seth Rogen has  Nov 25, 2013 Enter Seth Rogen and James Franco, who have done an exact shot for video, which initially appeared Seth Rogen's Facebook page, and is 

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