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    This theory became known as the James-Lange theory of emotion after the two researchers, William James and the Danish physician Carl Lange, who 
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    Related Overviews emotion. James-Lange theory of emotion. The theory first published by James in Mind in 1884 and by the Dutch psychologist C G. Lange  Lange, like James, announces this. theory as a new discovery The motive and. method takes us a step nearer in time. to the theory of Lange "1 " Les nerfs qui  
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    Dec 21, 2009 The James-Lange Theory has received a lot of criticism because it seems to go against what we believe to be commonsense. At any given time, many neuropeptides may be floating throughout the body Related. Content.
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    Mar 11, 2011 1 Background Information; 2 The James-Lange Theory Up until the creation of this theory, relatively few studies and theories existed that related to the. especially during the time period when the theory was developed 
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    It combined the ideas of William James and Danish physiologist Carl Lange, who It was largely supplanted by the Cannon-Bard. theory, but of late, it has made 
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    The James-Lange Theory of emotions proposes a causal relationship In his statements, Lange attempted to give a simple explanation of his theory by relating its. After such bodily changes, that is the time that emotion of fear emerges This section will present the various theories related to the acquisition of emotion The James-Lange theory of emotion. argues that an event causes at the same time, but gives no attention to. the role of thoughts or outward behavior.

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