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    3 days ago. Jan Brewer's desk on Monday; once Brewer has the bill, she has five days You fell victim to one of the classic. blunders, the most famous of 
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    Jan 2, 2014. Cyprus broadcaster airs ex-leader's. message in New Year blunder Jan Brewer on Wednesday vetoed a Republican. bill that set off a  Feb 1, 2014 What Jan Brewer's veto of SB 1062 tells. us · The Fix | Chris Cillizza jonathan_capehart · Brewer veto not. best part of anti-gay bill's demise
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    Jul 3, 2013 What Jan Brewer's veto of SB 1062 tells us · The Fix | Chris Cillizza Minor- league team loses game on baserunning blunder (video)  Jan 28, 2013 Biggest Super Bowl. Blunders Ever. From Scott Now it's in the hands of Tea Party favorite Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Whether that's. a 
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    2 days ago my latest Verdict column looks at the Arizona bill now on Governor Jan Brewer's. desk that would expand the state's RFRA, and at similar bills 
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    1 day ago Vice president Joe Biden's latest blunder, handed down during an Rush Limbaugh: Arizona's Jan Brewer's 'bullied by the homosexual lobby' 
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    Jan 17, 2014. But then, after making a journalistic blunder of grand proportions (and which was an utterly unwarranted dig at Springsteen), JAN BREWER  Dec 26, 2013. Mediaite's Joe Concha pick for. biggest blunder of the year would Jan Brewer will almost surely veto an anti-gay bill sent to her on Monday.

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