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    Brewer, Arpaio. and CCA. Over the summer reports started to emerge that revealed that two key advisors for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had close ties to  
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    Aug 19, 2013. The warden, a corporate employee of CCA, decided to throw them into. between CCA and Arizona Governor Jan. Brewer, who helped keep  Jun 21, 2010. Jan Brewer, have had ample opportunity–and obvious intent–to CCA is a “ board level” member of the ACCI and is the top employer in Pinal 
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    May 31, 2010 Jan Brewer signed into law the controversial immigration bill that requires CCA operates three prisons in Arizona that house detainees for the  Dec 1, 2013 Jaime Molera with Governor Jan Brewer at 2012 Republican National. ADC Director claimed knowledge of CCA's role in driving prison 
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    Jul 23, 2010 July 22, 2010: KPHO investigates ties between the Brewer administration and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) - and how the. Jan Brewer: Private Prisons and Lobbyists by Dennis Gilman 4,845 views · 12:38.
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    Janice Kay "Jan" Brewer (born September 26, 1944) is the 22nd Governor of the U S. state of Arizona, Both Coughlin and Senseman no longer work for CCA.
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    Oct 28, 2010. Although CCA did have a representative at the ALEC meeting. where model legislation similar to 1070 was drafted, we Jan Brewer's desk Since its founding in 1983, CCA has profited. from federal and state policies that Governor Jan Brewer's spokesperson had previously worked as CCA's chief 

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