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    6 days ago It's unclear if Arizona governor. Jan Brewer will sign into law a bill “I disagree with the bill,” said representative Ethan Orr. “I think it's a bad bill
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    1 day ago Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed SB1062, Arizona's Religious Freedom Restoration Aaah, you got a really bad case of the saaaaadz Feb 20, 2014 Jan Brewer, a. Republican Governor Brewer does not comment on pending legislation, but she vetoed a similar measure last year That action 
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    14 hours ago Brewer's veto of Arizona's. anti-gay Jim Crow bill After Arizona's Republican governor. Jan Brewer announced her veto A Snarky Real-Estate Ad Might Make You See That Horrible, Offensive, Evil Cold Weather Differently
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    4 days ago Jan Brewer is likely to veto a bill that. would allow private businesses to Brewer called it “one of these horrible. tragedies that we have to face,” 
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    Jun 27, 2013 Governor Jan Brewer, on the verge of. saying something colossally dumb. we're seeing now in the Senate" on immigration is good or bad.
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    2 days ago Jan Brewer is likely to veto the controversial bill that would allow businesses in. Look at All of These Horrible Bullies Bullying Jan Brewer over  2 days. ago Jan Brewer returned to Arizona on Tuesday, five days into an escalating Arizonans everywhere implore you to VETO THIS HORRIBLE LAW!

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