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    Christina Dogas Staff. Writer @chrissyyydeee. Known for his hilarious role in “ Knocked Up” and contagious. laugh, Seth Rogen headed to Capitol Hill to testify at 
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    Seth Rogen vs Ben Stone: a Point by Point Beatdown Some people say 20- somethings are. influenced by slackers - guys like Ben Stone, the male lead in  Movies: 40 Year Old Virgin Knocked Up Superbad Pineapple Express Zack and Miri. Make a Porno Funny People The Green Hornet 50/50 Television: Freaks 
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    Bromance; Seth Rogen & James Franco Bromance; Seth Rogen & James Franco Bromance; Seth Rogen & James Franco 87 notes /. Permalink. 12 hours ago Seth Rogen attended a congressional hearing Wednesday to share a personal story of his family's struggle with the Alzheimer's. Let's just. say 
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    50/50 reunion: Joe, Jonathan Levine and Seth Rogen. at the Independent Spirit Awards back in February.
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    Megan Fox disses Seth Rogen…in an animated GIF! gifparty: Posted at 12:26 AM 51 notes Permalink ? Source: gifparty · andrewlebarbare. reblogged this from 
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    Watch The Hilarious James Franco And Seth Rogen Spoof. Of Kanye West's Inexplicable “Bound 2” 23 notes · Permalink; Posted at 6:16 PM 43 notes · Permalink; Posted at 6:15 PM. If Seth Rogen were to jump out my wall like that, I would be so happy

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